You came up with a new idea or invention that can help change the world of transportation, what is the next step. What can you do to take your idea to the next level?

  1. Make sure you head over to our forums and post your idea in the "New Ideas" section. Please include a description to help illustrate your idea. Fellow members of the site can then give you feedback on if they believe it is possible and what improvements could be made.

  2. Once your idea is approved in the "New Ideas" section it will be moved to the "Ideas in Progress" forum. Here you will be encouraged to expand upon your idea and start to look at it from all angles. You will be able to update your idea and get feedback from what other think.

  3. When you get most of the kinks worked out and your idea is almost complete it will be moved to the "Advanced Ideas" section.

  4. It is now your time to change the world. It is time to submit your idea to companies / governments to get your idea out to the world. There are many resources you can use at this point such as:

11 / 20 / 08 - The forums are up and running, feel free to check out how we are going to have things set up.


11 / 19 / 08 - The Transport the Future main site is now online. Make sure you take a look at the transportation ideas, problems, and "The Next Step."


11 / 11 / 08 - The Transport the Future server setup and the coming soon page added.


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