With so many different problems that need to be addresses with the subject of transportation, where can we start wo fix them. We need to look at the broad scope of things. What could we make better?

  • More advanced vehicles.
    • Could we have vehicles that can fly
    • Is it possible to have vehicles run on magnets
  • More efficient engineering.
    • What can we do to make our transportation more effiecient?
    • Weight savings on cars
    • More aerodynamic
  • Cleaner energy sources
    • What can power our vehicles
    • Solar / Hydrogen / Ethanol
    • Can we use our waste as a form of energy
    • How can we use wind to our advantage
  • Improved mass transit, busses that get better mpg, better designs.
    • Can we make buses that run on electricity
    • Could we promote the already existing railroad system
  • Improved roadways, design roadways in which congestion is eliminated.
    • Do we need more effiecient intersections
    • What could be do to limit the amount time cars idle
    • Is there way to monitor traffic jams and help prevent them
    • Could we make more bike paths

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